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Perhaps the most anticipated rematch in the history of jiu jitsu, Marcus Buchecha vs Roger Gracie, is just days away!

Buchecha arrives in Rio fresh off the back of the IBJJF World Championships, where he picked up a record fourth black belt absolute title and equalled Roger's 10 black belt titles. For 37 year-old Gracie, this match could be one of his last - and Buchecha was the only man he wanted to fight.
“It’s nothing to do with the fact that we had the draw before,” says Gracie. “I’ve been looking to have, I guess, almost a last match against someone. Buchecha is on top, he’s at his best, and so I really didn’t want it to be against anyone else.”

Check out Gracie’s interview with FloGrappling, who will also be streaming the fight LIVE!

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July 20, 2017 — Jiu Jitsu Style