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With 2x European Champion, Emilia Tuukkanen

1. Mount (You’re like HOW on top?)

2. Berimbolo (Umm what, where did he go, how is he now there?)

3. Representing teams, not countries (So THAT’S why it’s not an Olympic sport)

4. Deep half-guard (Wait, what’s on who’s face now?)

5. Triangle choke (So you’re chocking his face... with your crotch?)

6. That there is nothing sexual in training with the opposite sex (Yeah, sure, keep explaining, I’ll believe you, I promise. You want to explain the mount position again?)

7. Worm-guard (I didn’t understand anything you just said, and I feel like you didn’t either.)

8. Gi (Oh yeah like in karate? No? Tae kwon do?)

9. What jiu jitsu actually is (Aah okay, so you train judo, why didn’t you say so right away?!)

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October 07, 2016 — Jiu Jitsu Style