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With 2x European Champion, Emilia Tuukkanen || Instagram @emiliatuukkanen

1. Farting while rolling

2. Farting while the coach shows a technique to everyone, and the whole place is quiet, so nobody can miss the moment when you want to crawl under a rock and start a new life there.

3. Having a booger and noticing it just after the class. Suddenly all the disgusted faces people made during rolling make so much more sense.

4. Accidentally sweating on your training partner. Extra points for hitting their eyes!

5. Accidentally drooling on your training partner. Extra points for hitting the mouth!

6. Not wearing flip flops off the mats when everyone else does, and realising it from the judgemental looks from everyone there.

7. Forgetting your belt.

8. Someone calling you in the middle of graduation or some other formal moment during class.

9. When you are gathered for a group picture and didn’t hear that you were supposed to organise by belt grades, so you find yourself alone in the black belt row.

10. Getting submitted in a blink of an eye by someone you underestimated. Reminds you in the worst way possible to check your ego at the door though.

11. Accidentally drinking from someone else’s water bottle. Extra points if they are A) your scary coach or B) a visiting world-class black belt you have idolised for years.

12. Grabbing your training partners butt.

13. Making eye contact for several seconds while sparring.

14. Trying to grip your partner’s pants while berimboloing, but accidentally grabbing their underpants too, and pulling their pants down.

15. Having your pants pulled down by someone trying to berimbolo you.

16. Stumbling while running in a circle during warm up.

October 25, 2018 — Jiu Jitsu Style