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Pictures: Cpl Daniel Wiepen RLC (Army Photographer) 

The British Army Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team took their preparation for the IBJJF World Masters in Las Vegas to the next level by inviting BJJ legend and current OneFC World Light Heavyweight Champion Roger Gracie to host a seminar at Fox Lines Gym in Aldershot. During the event Roger demonstrated his techniques, hints, tips and coached individuals on how to improve certain aspects of their martial arts.

The event was a sell-out in seconds, drawing attendance from the Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines and even US Army personnel stationed in the UK. This is testament not only to the meteoric rise of BJJ in the Armed Forces, but also to the demand to learn from the most accomplished BJJ fighter in history.

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Roger quickly showed why his seminars are held in such high regard as he not only taught techniques in intricate detail, but he also explained the ways in which your opponent was likely to counter at each stage in order that you can pre-empt and nullify their efforts. This insight into his extraordinary fight IQ reminded the audience of the requirement to think beyond the actual technique and reinforced the need for a fight strategy. The parallels with warfare quickly became apparent, Roger deceives his opponents into making them believe they are about to succeed, he then allows them to over commit, drawing them into a well-executed trap for which there is no escape. Everything is calculated and nothing is done to luck – just seizing opportunity.

To the 60 plus practitioners on the mats it soon became clear that Roger’s dominance in BJJ and MMA isn’t just based on physically overmatching his opponents. The techniques and sequences he demonstrated punishes every single mistake to the point that the opponents become paralysed with indecision, creating the opportunity to either advance your position or finish the fight.

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July 16, 2016 — Jiu Jitsu Style