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Ever since Rickson Gracie was seen practising his stretches and breathing during the famous documentary, Choke, yoga and BJJ have had a long-standing association. Rickson Gracie aside, the benefits of practising yoga to help keep your body healthy and up to the strains of rigorous jiu jitsu training are undeniable.

Yogaforbjj.net is the brainchild of Sebastian Brosche, a world class BJJ brown belt and yoga expert. Having suffered a serious back injury while training BJJ and judo, Sebastian was forced to take a year away from grappling. It was during this time that he started to practise yoga and reap the benefits it brings for martial arts practitioners.

As a seasoned ‘yogi’ and jiu jitsu fighter, Sebastian’s Yoga For BJJ website offers grapplers a tailored set of yoga principles that will help to keep you on the mats for longer and improve your flexibility.

With over 60 video tutorials (with new techs being posted weekly), there is an extremely comprehensive library of subject matter, including topics such as beginner’s yoga and breathing exercises, along with belt stretches and warm ups for BJJ. As well as showcasing a number of yoga flow sequences, Sebastian also outlines stretches and procedures to help overcome lower back pain, warm down properly after class and alleviate neck pain.

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The website interface is clear and simple, with all video content housed on the Vimeo platform. Sebastian’s teachings are very easy to follow and extremely detailed. Above all, it’s fantastic to have someone with such a great grappling pedigree translate the benefits of yoga directly into a jiu jitsu context; he really knows what will help with our training.

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Refreshingly, Sebastian is easy to contact direct and even suggests that users should contact him with suggestions and requests for future content. Considering most decent yoga schools will set you back £60-£100 per month, premium access to Yoga For BJJ costs just $14 per month (roughly £9) and is a perfect option for grapplers looking to supplement their training and reap the yoga rewards.

We will keep you posted on our personal progress in the coming months, but make sure you visit WWW.YOGAFORBJJ.NET

October 04, 2015 — Jiu Jitsu Style