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Ok, we get it, you want to be the next Paulo Miyao, but don’t you think it’s important to have a few high percentage takedowns to fall back on? Maybe tell your grandkids about one day? Something they can be proud of? We love pulling guard too, but here’s a few takedowns you really should know – at least in theory!

The Double Leg: Probably your absolute ‘go to’ takedown as a jitsu player. The good old fashioned double leg has been a stalwart for grapplers at competitions and street altercations since the dawn of creation. 

The Single Leg: Same principles apply as with the single leg’s big brother; Mr Double Leg.



Kata Guruma: A beautiful technique now heartlessly banished from the judo world, but still highly applicable in jits competitions.

Seo Nagi: One of judo’s essentials; time it right, your opponent will fly; worst case, rely on raw white belt strength and hustle them to the ground.

Uchi Mata: Ah yes, the mystical uchi mata… Though your chances of landing one are about as likely as tapping Roger Gracie at the Worlds, it’s a technique worth learning, if only to dream of one day catching one it training.


May 03, 2019 — Jiu Jitsu Style