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Innovative tech (as always) via 10th Planet Black Belt, Ben Eddy






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Bookmark this ? @beneddy10p explains what to do when your opponent secures a bodylock during the Meathook ? “When playing meathook, or anything in half guard .. and your opponent beats your hands inside to secure a body lock... this is a super common problem. And this solution is one of my most used paths. The key is being able to stay on your side enough to get a deep enough underhook through their body lock to be able to grab their knee. It’s easier than it looks to get though as there is always room on that side to reach under as long as they don’t flatten you out, and they must eventually bring their knee close to your hip in order to pass. The hand blocking their knee here is huge, I do it all the time to go from them body locking me, to me having full guard. This is also a high percentage route for when already in full guard and your opponent body locks in order to stall your options. Just underhook, gable extend to break, then go through the sequence for the triangle. I also very much prefer stopping at the reverse triangle first rather than immediately going to a regular triangle. The reverse triangle is practically impossible to escape, so I wait there until ready to move on or just finish from there.” Catch Ben at the @painapplecrew Rubber Guard Camp in Belgium, Nov 1st - 3rd. Link in bio ⚔️ #rubberguardassassins #meathook #rubberguard #10thplanet #jiujitsu #nogi #jiujitsulifestyle #bjjlifestyle #bjjmotivation #wrestling #bjjvideos #jiujitsutimes #mmatraining

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October 16, 2019 — Jiu Jitsu Style