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By Tom Bell

London played host to the very first Toukon Challenge on Sunday, plenty of purple, brown and black belt talent on display. The competition mat, encircled by the historical balconies and stalls of the Clapham Grand theatre, attracted some of the best fighters Europe has to offer.

The card included a variety of matches, including submission only, country vs country, IBJJF rules and team challenge bouts. World champion, Luke Costello, headlined the event in a clash with Felipe Mota, which was fought to a draw.

Ireland’s Darragh O’Connail continued his fine submission-only form with a second baseball bat choke victory in two weeks against Poland’s Maciej Kozak. The Ribeiro black belt fought with patience, maintaining top position before sinking in the choke, forcing his opponent to tap around 19 minutes.

Though there was plenty of black belt talent on display, it was brown belt Sebastian Brosche who stole the limelight. Four fights, four wins and four impressive performances sent Brosche home with the brown belt grand prix title. The former world champion and yoga instructor, who famously beat Joao Miyao in 2013, claimed victories over Roger Dardis, Viking Wong, Daan Westra and Kywan Gracie Behring during the evening.

One of the main attractions of the evening saw a black belt challenge between Team Europe and Team Black Thursday. The winners were the latter, named after their famed black belt training sessions on Thursdays, with a 4-1 result overall.

The maiden Toukon Challenge attracted fans from all over the jiu jitsu world, making a successful pay-per-view debut and attracting globally famous names to the venue, including the likes of Roger Gracie, Braulio Estima, Jackson Souza, Lucio Lagarto Rodrigues and Clark Gracie, who all appeared throughout the evening.

Overall Results


Igor Terreco vs Samuel Khan Purple (Purple Belt)
Result: Igor Terreco

Lloyd Cooper vs Omid Alimohammadi (Purple Belt)
Result:  Lloyd Cooper via arm bar

Leo Queiroz vs Christian Rodrigues (Black Belt)
Result: Leo Quieros

Henrique Juniao vs Raimo Posti (Black Belt)
Result: Henrique Juniao

Brown Belt Grand Prix

Ross Nicholls vs Jimmy Svensson
Result: Jimmy Svensson

James Nardone vs Daan Westra
Result: Daan Westra via triangle

Viking Wong vs Nelson Teixeira
Result: Viking Wong

Roger Dardis vs Sebastian Brosche
Result: Sebastian Brosche via lapel choke

Jimmy Svennson vs Daan Westra
Result: Daan Westra

Viking Wong vs Sebastian Brosche
Result: Sebastian Brosche

Black Belt Team Challenge

Max Campos (Black Thursday) vs Adam Adshead (Europe)
Result: Max Campos via rear-naked choke

Rodolfo Nygaard  (Black Thursday) vs Pablo Medina (Europe)
Result: Rodolfo Nygaard

Brown Belt Grand Prix final
Sebastian Brosche vs Daan Westra
Result : Sebastian Brosche via lapel choke

Black Belt Challenge
Luiz Felipe (Europe)  vs Eduardo Concalves (Black Thursday)
Result: Eduardo Concalves

Ralf Carneborn (Europe) vs Marco Canha (Black Thursday)
Result: Ralf Carneborn via lapel choke

Country vs Country
Kywan Gracie Behring vs Sebastian Brosche
Result: Sebastian Brosche via kimura

Submission Only
Thomas Oyarzun vs Chris Bowe
Result: Draw

Black Belt Challenge
Luiz Tosta vs Ralf Carneborn (Stand-In)
Result: Luiz Tosta

Submission Only
Darragh O’Connail vs Maciej Kozak
Result: Darragh O’Connail via baseball bat choke

Alex Cabanas vs Luiz Felipe
Result: Alex Cabanas via bow and arrow choke

Eduardo Teta Rios vs Luca Anacoreta
Result: Draw

Luke Costello vs Felipe Mota
Result: Draw

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November 27, 2014 — Jiu Jitsu Style