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Interested in TWO kimonos from just £64? READ ON!

STORM Kimonos® have long been considered one of the premium companies investing in the sport of BJJ, with an authentic fight pedigree dating back to 1996 and a deep-rooted relationship with PRIDE fighters such as Renzo Gracie.

Early in the development of the brand, STORM Kimonos® spared no expense in making products fit for the World’s best grapplers. The owners set the tone for their future by developing their products focusing on quality, product innovation and technical styling. Forward thinking is all part of their corporate DNA.

This month, STORM Kimonos® have entered the next phase of their evolution, with the acquisition of the long standing Rio de Janeiro based brand - Brazilian Fight Wear™ and newly formed Jiu Jitsu Athletica™, with all Kimonos being pre-shrunk, anti-microbial treated and put through rigorous quality control procedures during manufacture.

These brand families are available now at www.stormkimonos.com and the range of Christmas deals on offer verges on ludicrous!

Here are some of the amazing short term Christmas offers, which are likely not to be repeated. Offers only whilst stocks last:

TWO Jiu Jitsu Athletica™ Kimonos from £64/€80/$99.99 – that’s TWO Jiu Jitsu Athletica™ gis for £64! CLICK HERE


TWO Brazilian Fight Wear™ Kimonos from £102/€128/$159.99 – that’s TWO Brazilian Fightwear™ gis for £102! CLICK HERE

brazilian fightwear

TWO STORM ‘Typhoon’ Kimonos® from £115/€144/$179.99 – that’s TWO STORM Kimonos® gis for £115! CLICK HERE


STORM Kimonos® “Diamond Deal” Rashguards from just $9.99! CLICK HERE



November 24, 2014 — Jiu Jitsu Style