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Polaris Pro 10 is just around the corner! Can the California Kid, Urijah Faber, take out The Danaher Death Squad prodigy? Full fight card event details are as follows:

Date: Saturday May 25th
Streamed on UFC Fight Pass
Ticket and further information via: www.polarisprograppling.com 


Nicky Ryan Vs Urijah Faber – Featherweight title match NOGI

Craig Jones Vs Matheus Lutes – Middleweight title match NOGI

Ethan Crelinsten Vs Ashley Williams – Lightweight title match NOGI

Miha Perhavec Vs Richie ‘Boogeyman’ Martinez – Middleweight NOGI

Brad Pickett Vs Caol Uno – Lightweight NOGI

Nick Rodriguez Vs Ashley Amos – Catchweight – 105 Kg NOGI



Kamil Wilk Vs Jeremy Skinner - Catchweight (68 kg) NOGI

Igor Terreco Vs Phil Harris - Catchweight (63.5 kg) NOGI

Andy Roberts Vs Jeff “Ippon” Lawson - Catchweight (80 kg) GI

Craig Ewers Vs Luiz Finocchio - Catchweight (76 kg) NOGI

Konstantinos Chioutakos Vs Pete Robson -Middleweight (83.9 kg) NOGI

Enrique Villasenor Vs Trevor Birmingham - Catchweight (63 kg) GI

Spencer Hewitt Vs Michael D’Aguiar - Catchweight (63 kg) NOGI

May 18, 2019 — Jiu Jitsu Style