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We're back...

Despite ceasing to publish our print magazine at the end of 2017, the Jiu Jitsu Style following has remained prominent; it’s remained loyal. Our journalism has always been derived from an unrivalled passion for jiu jitsu and – though print is no longer the ideal platform – we want to continue creating premium content in true ‘Jiu Jitsu Style’ fashion. 

Our mission

To make our brand new website the home of quality martial arts journalism; no click bait, no BS – just premium content worthy of the amazing people within our community. 

From now on, jiujitsustyle.com will become our focal point as content creators. We will publish a wide variety of written word and video journalism, including: long-form feature interviews, documentary video and photography, regular columnists, news and reviews.  

The Annual

For close to eight years, the lifeblood of Jiu Jitsu Style was our print magazine. In keeping with our roots, we will be publishing a printed annual at the end of 2019. The product will represent everything we’ve come to stand for: beautiful design, excellent photography and a book-like collectable print product that you will treasure forever.

Online Store

Our journalistic relaunch will be supported by an online store, which will feature a collection of amazing products with some of our favourite brands we’ve worked with over the years. We’ll only be working with select companies who mirror our ethos, styling and mentality – we know you’ll love what we have in stall!

It’s an exciting time for our sport, and an exciting time for us. Once again, we’d like to thank our loyal fans for motivating us to bring Jiu Jitsu Style back in full force and continue doing what we love.


April 16, 2019 — Jiu Jitsu Style