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Words: Emilia Tuukanen @emiliatuukkanen

1. Seeing bjj/MMA/grappling techniques in movies DONE RIGHT! Then, getting to explain it to your non-bjj friends and sounding super cool for once instead of a crazy person who just enjoys sweaty pyjama hugs.

2. Tracking parcels online telling you your package full of new gear is on its way. You can now press your nose against the window and hold your breath every time you hear a car coming and you are on the verge of fainting when it finally arrives.

3. Finding that perfect tape that actually holds more than one round and saves your poor fingers.

4. Actually doing the 'technique of the day’ right for once on your first try without looking like a deer in headlights when coach comes over. I'm still waiting for this to happen though…

5. Getting a nice photo/video of you rolling. Don't even try to tell me you don’t love that!

6. Someone actually knowing what jiujitsu is when meeting them and not telling you they did some karate as a kid, too.

7. Having that Perfect Roll that happens only once in a blue moon when you have amazing scrambles, great exchange of techniques, non-stop rolling and fast & fancy movements. Nobody gets hurt and you just KNOW that your jiujitsu got better just from that one round. And, of course, you won - even if it's by one advantage that you gave yourself.

8. Seeing someone else with some bjj gear like a gi bag, t-shirt or cauliflower ears and doing that little knowing smile & nod.

9. Coach telling the class to stop and watch how YOU do the technique. That high will last you for YEARS.

10. Waking up without every muscle, organ, joint and even skin hurting. If even one of those feels kind of ok you know its going to be a good day! Or you're dead! Either way, at least everything doesn't hurt, gotta stay positive!

July 09, 2019 — Jiu Jitsu Style