War Tribe Gear began with a dream, gave birth to a vision, and exists as a mission. Some people come alive in the midst of overwhelming adversity, incomprehensible challenge, and find themselves provoked to make the impossible a reality. They are a group of people with extreme DNA. They can’t help it. They were designed, wired, and built differently. They thrive in the craziest of conditions and are attracted to what others fear, dread, and run from. They are a Tribe. They defy norms. They embrace battle. They conquer kingdoms and will stop at nothing. THEY ARE A WAR TRIBE. To this tribe, we are called.

We give the War Tribe

• Elite Quality
• High Performance
• Quality Tested
• Cutting Edge Designer Gear

At affordable prices. Our gear is designed by fighters for fighters. We exist for those who know they were born for this!

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