War Tribe

Born For This


“You only live once, but if you do it right… once is enough”

War Tribe was established to create innovative products with world class quality for the Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts athlete. We love Jiu Jitsu, we love MMA and we love being involved in the culture and industry we are a part of. All we do is an outgrowth of our love for the art, sport and lifestyle of the athletes we serve. Our mission is to elevate the sport and lifestyle of Jiu Jitsu through our innovative products and promoting the Jiu Jitsu way of life.


Be passionate.
Be merciless against compromise.
Strike down complacency.
Embrace the adversity.
Make your dream a reality.
Be ferocious.
Live in the moments where you wholeheartedly say… I was #bornforthis.
Pursue it with passion.
Be #relentless.
Deeds not words.
Disregard limits.
Live with undying commitment.
Be the best you.
Be original. Often imitated, Never duplicated.



Recreate. Rethink. Reinvent. and Redefine. Be original and be limitless. These are the values that drive our creative process.


We demand of ourselves uncompromising quality in all that we say and do. We pursue perfection and excellence with undying commitment.


We put our heart and soul into everything we do. We exist because we are passionate about Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. All we do is a reflection of that passion.


Based In

Bend Oregon