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Hey Guys,

Welcome to 2015!

It is now that most start to think about the ‘New You’ and all of the goals that you will achieve. I’m all up for setting goals and New Year is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start again with a solid, focused look at your health and performance.

With that in mind, I wanted to quickly tell you about the new FREE eBook from Unorthodox Nutrition, and our awesome nutrition and diet plans tailored specifically to you, helping you achieve your goals.

The free eBook that is available with no hidden costs or agendas (although a share on Facebook would be nice). You don’t have to buy any products at all and there are no hidden catches. It really is completely for free.

The eBook contains a plan that will allow you to lose fat and gain muscle while still enjoying all the foods that you love. Inside the book you will find,

·      Plan set up (including free spreadsheet for all calculations)
·      Detailed explanation into every aspect of the plan and what to do at each stage.
·      FAQ and trouble shooting to cover any questions.
·      Discount code for 20% off everything on the site.

This eBook is available completely free form the Unorthodox Nutrition Website HERE.

Stay healthy,


January 20, 2015 — Jiu Jitsu Style

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