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Primates II Professional Jiu Jitsu event takes place on the 24th of October in Circus, Helsinki Finland. The event presented by the Finnish BJJ brand Macaco Branco consists of an 8-man under 85kg tournament and three superfights. In the main fight of the evening the ADCC finalist Jesse Urholin meets the World Champion Tarsis Humphreys in an ADCC ruled submission only match. In the co-main event of the evening European Champion and World Championship medalist Risto Vesanto and World Champion Jackson Sousa meet in a submission only GI match. In the third super fight two Finnish grappling legends Sauli Heilimö and Ilari Grönholm meet in a NOGI match.

The event is a follow-up to the first Primates event held in Spring 2014 headlining the grappling match between the Finnish ADCC legend Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen and the super star Dean Lister.

The 8-man under 85kg brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament is filled with some of the best fighters in Europe like Sebastian Brosche, Martin Aedma and Tero Pyylampi to name a few. The winner of the tournament will take home a prize of €1,000.

“We’re extremely happy to present such a stacked card for the event,” says Mikko Rouvali one of the co-founders of the brand. "Our is goal is to bring jiu jitsu closer to the people from the sport arenas to a venue right in the centre of Helsinki. We’re expecting an entertaining evening with some world class grappling!”

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-- Super fight #1 --

Jesse Urholin vs. Tarsis Humphreys

-- Super fight #2 --

Risto Vesanto vs. Jackson Sousa

-- Super fight #3 --

Sauli Heilimö vs. Ilari Grönholm

-­- 85kg BJJ tournament --

Tero Pyylampi

- BJJ black belt, TJJK

- ADCC European Champion

- 5 x BJJ Finnish Champion

- Primates Superfight winner

Martin Aedma

- BJJ black belt, SBG Vöimla

- 2x BJJ European Open Bronze

Santeri Lilius

- Black belt, Roger Gracie Jiu Jitsu

- No Gi European Champion

- IBJJF European Open Silver

- IBJJF European Open Bronze

- Youngest black belt in Finland

Tony Bäckman

- Black Belt, Hangon hyrskyt

- 3x BJJ European Champion

- 10x BJJ Finnish Champion

- Asian Open BJJ Champion

- IBJJF Mundials 3rd

Sebastian Brosche

- Brown belt, Frontline Academy

- 2x BJJ World Champion

Erik Friberg

- Brown belt, Prana Jiujitsu

- IBJJF Copenhagen Open Absolute champion

Harri Paakkola

- Purple Belt, BJJ Center

- BJJ European Open Bronze

- 2 x BJJ Finnish Champion

Jesse Vuorio

- Purple Belt, GB Gym

- BJJ European Open Bronze

- BJJ London Open Champion

- 2 x BJJ Finnish Champion

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September 17, 2015 — Jiu Jitsu Style