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10th Planet JJ and EBI founder, Eddie Bravo, took to his Instagram page announcing plans to relaunch his creation, Combat Jiu Jitsu.

It’s ok, we know what you’re thinking, what actually IS Combat Jiu Jitsu? Bravo’s idea was first brought to light in 2012, with a match actually taking place between  Erik "Compella" Cruz (10th Planet) and Kris Gonzalez (CheckMat) at an MMA show in California.

In essence, Combat Jiu Jitsu is nogi jiu jitsu, but with open hand strikes allowed on the ground. Bravo stated in 2012 that it would be “filling a hole we currently see between MMA and grappling."

“Combat Jiu Jitsu will better prepare aspiring MMA fighters than regular grappling,” Bravo continued. “I think there are lots of jiu jitsu fans out there that would rather see jiu jitsu with strikes on the ground – that’s just my guess.”

With Bravo suggesting a 2017 date for the return of Combat Jiu Jitsu, there’s still much mystique surrounding the relaunch of his latest incentive. All we know for now is that fans can expect a similar (if not identical) ruleset as EBI, but with the addition of open palm strikes on the ground.

Keep an eye on Eddie’s social channels for more news!

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October 06, 2016 — Jiu Jitsu Style