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Caio Terra will be back in Europe this summer, teaching and training at the Spice Hotel BJJ Camp.

Hosted at the amazing Spice Hotel in beautiful Antalya, Turkey, this camp is ideal for people looking for an amazing holiday and a chance to greatly improve their jiu jitsu. Caio’s daily sessions at the camp are focussed on technique, with lessons plans tailored to take your jiu jitsu to the next level in 10 days. Of course all classes will have sparring, but there’s no pressure to roll. This is a vacation-based camp, so training and learning with Caio goes hand-in-hand with having fun and taking in the ultra all-inclusive surroundings.


The camp will take place from 3rd-13th of July. For more information on the camp details and prices visit http://bjj.spice.com.tr/

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May 05, 2015 — Jiu Jitsu Style