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Many of you may have picked up on the rather unique Nutella patch Buchecha was sporting during his dominant run to gold at the World Championships this year… So, what was that all about?

Flo Grappling recently published a video with the 11x World Champ, who went on to explain his views. Buchecha has chosen to further clarify his thoughts on modern day jiu jitsu and the meaning behind his patch on instagram page @marcusbuchecha: 
"A lot of people watched the clip of my interview about the explanation of the patch I used in the world, but they did not watch the full interview and understood erradoo that I meant, so I will clarify here.

"This patch used as a form of protest against the ugly jiu jitsu seen in today's competitions, the jiu jitsu "Nutella". the one that the fighter enters the mat and wants to win at any cost, even if so don't have to fight In an "ugly" way and only plays the rule and the advantages and is afraid to get out in the fight.

"First I want to make it clear that titles do not define you being a nutella or not.
I gave the example of fighters who are " Root " by way of fighting like @renzograciebjj @mariosperry @leovieirabjj @romulobarral that always when they enter the mat is to kill or die, but the being " Root " is also off the mat , these are great athletes, idols for sport and people the new generation should follow as an example.

"Now the " Nutella " fighters that I meant are the fighters who fight from a horrible to the sport as I have quoted above and are nutella more still in " attitude ", are athletes with no respect to opponents, people who lose and come out complaining Every time blaming rule or judge, who do not rise to the podium in defeat, people without respect to others, who forget the roots, and especially that they are internet bullies.

"Not all of the new generation are Nutella, but all nutella is from the new generation.
I can quote @gupereirabjj and @fellipeandrew who are new generation of the sport but are "Root" in and out of the mats, whether in the form of fighting and how to treat others. So I hope now the guys have understood the true meaning of patch and Nutella.

"And for the root guys who want to buy the patch get in touch with @patchsproducoes that is available with them, and if the Nutella wants to buy it has no problem, they will sell too, but it will not be using a patch in your kimono that will change You really are."

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July 13, 2018 — Jiu Jitsu Style