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Gordon Ryan’s rise to prominence as one of the standout nogi athletes in jiu jitsu has been nothing short of breathtaking, highlighted by his demolition of all but Felipe Pena at the 2017 ADCC in Epsoo, Finland.

Off the back of his ADCC success, Ryan announced he’d be switching emphasis to gi competition; trying his skills in the world of the kimono and setting sights on IBJJF World Championship gold.

With nogi training having been Ryan’s emphasis for a number of years, many could have expected a lengthy transition into the pyjama-clad world of jiu jitsu, but it seems he's getting up to speed – and quickly!

The 4x World Champion Bernardo Faria – himself a New York City native – has been training with the Danaher Death Squad standout, and recently took to social media with a message: Ryan’s gi skills are legit:

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September 27, 2018 — Jiu Jitsu Style