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A baseball bat choke was enough to secure Darragh O’Connail a victory over larger opponent Chris Regan. The two black belts met at Subf15teen at Marton-in-Cleveland, Middlesborough on Saturday 8th of November.

Headlining the card, Gracie Barra Derby’s Chris Regan stepped up as a last minute replacement for a previously unannounced opponent for East Coast Jiu Jitsu’s O’Connail. Although facing a larger opponent, O’Connail managed to come to the top and secure a baseball bat choke finish around eleven minutes into the fifteen minute fight. Ultimately the submission landed O’Connail the submission of the night award.



Welsh stand-out Ross Nicholls also featured on the card in a nogi match up against Yousuf Nabi, emerging victorious with a seventh minute arm bar. Both Nabi and Nicholls fought in a back-and-forth affair, before Nicholls clinically took Nabi’s back before tying him up with a body triangle, which ended with a switch to a perfect arm bar. The two took fight of the night honours as the event awards were handed out.

Elsewhere on the card, Ricky Beadnall met Jon Jarvis for the Subf15teen 73kg blue belt title. Both Beadnall and Jarvis threatened throughout the fight, before Jarvis found himself in the guard of the local Beadnall, who locked up a quick triangle and forced the tap. Jubilant scenes in the Marton Hotel followed as Beadnall celebrated by running into the crowd to his teammates, friends and family before having the belt tied around his waist.

History was also made in the evening as Sam Kaye met Jonathan Routledge for the inaugural Disabled BJJ UK cup. A quick and efficient performance saw Kaye pass the guard of Routledge before sinking in a D’arce choke with 13.43 on the clock, which won him the cup, as well as a place in the UK BJJ history books.

Notable mentions must be handed to both Danielle Parkinson and Tim Carden who looked impressive in their bouts.

Parkinson defeated opponent Aggie Drozdik with an armbar just short of four minutes into the fight, never once looking threatened as she effectively swept her opponent, passed the guard, maintained a dominant side control, secured the mount before ending the fight by submission.

Carden met Carl Hawkes with the two fighting to a draw, however Carden looked impressive with his opponent control throughout the fifteen minute bout, despite failing to submit.

All fights followed a fifteen minute, submission only format except Sam Kaye vs Jonathan Routledge and Ricky Beadnall vs Jon Jarvis




85kg nogi blue belt:
Tim Carden (GB Nottingham) vs Carl Hawkes (The Mat Academy)
Result: Draw

76kg gi blue belt
Stewart Glenc (Team Lagarto Teeside/MFA) vs Michael Kelly (The Dungeon)
Result: Michael Kelly def Stewart Glenc via rear naked choke (9m19s)

64kg gi blue belt
Danielle Parkinson (GB Preston) vs Aggie Drozdik (12 Gauge/Combat Base)
Result: Danielle Parkinson def Aggie Drozdik via arm bar (11m03s)

83kg gi purple belt
Mahli Hardip (Team Lagarto Stoke/Simon McGovern) vs  Dez Parker (Sukata Preston)
Result: Dez Parker def Mahli Hardip via arm bar (8m17s)

Ultra Heavy nogi
Aldo di Georgi (Combat Base) vs Wayne Samways (the Mat Academy)
Result: Wayne Samways def Aldo di Georgi via mat choke (6m03s)

81kg nogi
Paul Robinson (Team Lagarto Teeside/Redcar MMA) vs Reece Doran (The Dungeon/Checkmat)
Result: Reece Doran def Paul Robinson via triangle choke (6m42s)

Inaugural Disabled BJJ UK Cup
Sam Kaye (Lakes BJJ/Gracie Barra) vs Jonathon Routledge (Itaipava BJJ)
Result: Sam Kaye def Jonathan Routledge by D’arce choke (13m43s)

66kg gi purple belt
Neil Atkins (GB Preston) vs David Pollock (Rio Grappling Kilmarnock)
Result: Draw

94kg gi purple belt
Grant Short (Team Lagarto Teeside/Redcar BJJ) vs Shane Price (Chris Rees Academy Wales)
Result: Draw

100kg gi brown belt
Paul Abas Lukowski (Nottingham MMA and BJJ) vs Laurence Griffiths (RGA Cesar Lima)
Result: Draw

Brown belt nogi
Yousuf Nabi (Elements Martial Arts/David Onuma) vs Ross Nicholls (RGA Cesar Lima)
Result: 7.46 Ross Nicholls def Yousuf Nabi via arm bar (7m46s)

86kg gi purple belt
Freddie Sykes (GB Knightsbridge) vs Lew Long (the Mat academy)
Result: Long 8.08 by collar choke

73kg blue belt title
Ricky Beadnall (Team Lagarto Teeside/MFA) vs Jon Jarvis (Combat Sports Academy)
Result: Ricky Beadnall def Jon Jarvis via triangle hoke (7m00s)

70kg gi purple belt
Sam McNally (ECJJA) vs Lukasz Baranowski (Factory BJJ)
Result: Draw

Gi black belt
Darragh O’Connail (ECJJA) vs Chris Regan (GB Derby)
Result: Darragh O’Connail def Chris Regan via baseball bat choke (4m20s)
November 11, 2014 — Jiu Jitsu Style