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The Copa Podio Lightweight GP draw has taken place and we are gearing-up for the 3rd season of Copa Podio action!

The names were drawn at random and the results are as follows:

Leandro Lo (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
Gregor Gracie (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
Anacoreta Luca (Italy)
Francheschini Simone (Italy)
Hamzeh Rasheed (Jordan)

Gilbert Durinho (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
Márcio André (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Gianni Grippo (USA)
Victor Silverio (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
Fernando Vieira (Manaus - Brazil)

The event will also include two challenge matches:

City Challenge: Ottaviano “La Maquina” (Buenos Aires) vs. Abraham Marte (Dominican Republic)
Nogi Challenge: Danny Castillo(UFC fighter) vs. Haider Rasheed (Team Mirza, Jordan)

For more information on the event pay perview can be purchased visit www.copapodio.com

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September 25, 2014 — Jiu Jitsu Style