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Leading up to the 2014 World Championships, there were whispers within the community that the legendary Roger Gracie was planning his return. Though Gracie chose to keep the competition kimono in the closet, he did announce that he is focused on reigniting his gi jiu jitsu career. Fellow UK resident and long time training partner, Braulio Estima, spoke exclusively to Jiu Jitsu Style, offering his thoughts on Roger’s proposed return to action:

“Roger Gracie has been my best training partner for a long time now, and I think I know his game very well. I have learned so much from Roger, and I would say he is the best jiu jitsu practitioner out there.

"Roger has a very unique understanding of how to apply pressure and the fine details within positions to suit his body style. His body type is long and big, but he has an instinctive awareness and ability to deal with the unexpected in a fight – it’s like a natural blue print. People talk a lot about Roger’s basics, and I believe he has an ingrained blueprint that has been developed during his training so that he can adapt well to any situation, against any fighter.

“I believe if you take a one-off match, Roger still beats everyone, including Buchecha and Rodolfo Vieira. I think this year maybe Roger felt a little unsure that he was ready to deal with the marathon of a competition, where you can end up fighting lots of times before you get to the final. I think based on the amount he was able to train, this year was too soon. However, I believe next year Roger will shock the world, and I believe he would beat Buchecha and Rodolfo – because he’d have to fight them both.”

Ever wondered what a competition training session is like at Roger Gracie's academy in London?

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September 25, 2014 — Jiu Jitsu Style