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By Dan Lewis

Armour Wear recently sent us a Big Kahuna Gi and we have been testing it for several weeks over many training sessions.

The gi jacket is a super light 450gsm pearl weave.  It is re-enforced in all the required areas, so has a great level of durability, even for a light gi. The best thing about the gi jacket is that it never stretches, even after many hours on the mat.  We think most will agree that with many light gis, they tend to stretch when wet from sweat, which makes you very easily controlled by your opponent’s grip.  This is not the case with this gi, so makes it ideal for competition or just every day training.  Also, due to how thin the material is, it would make an ideal travel gi for those who prefer non ripstop based jackets.  Even in the cold UK climate, the jacket only took 12 hours to dry.

The trousers are made from a ripstop material and, like the quality of the jacket, are of the highest standard. By never getting that “boxy" feel during training that often happens with ripstop trousers, it does not interrupt your motion or smooth movements during rolling.  The now almost custom 6 belt loops and drawstring provide a great hold so you can get on with choking people!


The design of the gis is quite striking but not too over the top.  The contrast stitching is high quality with the simple embroidered areas and small patches making for a great looking gi. The inside of the jacket has its re-enforced areas covered in a sublimated soft material and this is also on the inside neck line, so makes for a really comfortable Gi to wear.

Size wise, the fit is a larger cut than most gis we have come across.  Someone who would normally wear an A3 in most gis would be better suited to an A2 and, with no shrinkage after washing, this is something that you should bear in mind when purchasing your new gi.

We look forward to Armour’s future releases as going by the Big Kahuna, they have a very bright future!

You can check out their full range of products at www.armourfightwear.com
December 12, 2014 — Jiu Jitsu Style