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Dear Readers,

I have reached the difficult decision to cease publishing Jiu Jitsu Style. Issue 40, with cover star Roger Gracie, will be available on worldwide newsstands as per normal, but it will also be our last magazine.

I’d like to say a huge personal thank you to everyone who has picked up Jiu Jitsu Style, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have creating it for the best part of seven years. It’s been one hell of a ride.

Callum Medcraft
Editor and Publisher

So, what happens next? 

Print Subscribers

Print subscribers have purchased their magazine subscriptions through Newsstand, the UK’s largest online magazine store. You can check whether you have any issues remaining by logging in to your Newsstand account.

Newsstand are happy to offer you a refund for the remainder of your subscription and will be emailing all current subscribers today with details of how to arrange this. If you prefer, you can opt for a Newsstand credit or to swap your subscription to an alternative title.

Newsstand contact email:  subenquiries@newsstand.co.uk

Newsstand contact telephone: +44 (0) 1227 277248

UK office hours Monday- Friday 9-5

Digital Subscribers 

If you have an existing digital subscription you can choose to transfer your remaining credits to another title available at Pocketmags. You can browse the available titles at Pocketmags.com or in the Pocketmags app.

To action a transfer, you must have or create a Pocketmags account. To register, simply tap the settings cog (iOS) or 3 vertical dots (Android/Amazon) in the Jiu Jitsu Style app, then click Login/Register or visit www.pocketmags.com/register.

Once this is done, please email help@pocketmags.com stating your Pocketmags username (email address) and the title which you wish your remaining credit to be transferred. Once the helpdesk has confirmed the transfer, you will be able to login to the Pocketmags app or website to read your alternate title.

If you do not wish to take up the option of a transfer please contact the platform from which you purchased your Jiu Jitsu Style subscription to arrange a partial refund. If you need assistance please contact help@pocketmags.com
October 06, 2017 — Jiu Jitsu Style