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July 12, 2017 – New York City, NY – Gotham garners the gi with today’s announcement of KASAI’s inaugural event – The Elite Grappling Championships – for passionate grapplers in the tri-state area and beyond.

The amateur tournament will take place on Saturday, October 21, at Baruch College, located at 55 Lexington Avenue in New York City. Participants will compete under IBJJF rules in gi attire. Brackets will be open to male and female competitors across different weight classes and skill levels; white belt through black belt.

“We’re excited to kick off the KASAI era by hosting a dynamic and entertaining Jiu-Jitsu tournament in mid-town Manhattan,” said Rolles Gracie, KASAI President. “Our team is committed to providing a great experience for all competitors including high-quality competition and best-in-class logistics.”

Interested parties can sign up for the tournament via KASAI’s website, www.kasaigrappling.com or Smooth Comp. Tournament registration is open to all parties aged 18 and above. For more information, visit www.kasaigrappling.com/amateur-tournament-102117.

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KASAI Elite Grappling Championships (“KASAI”) is New York City’s premier competitive professional and amateur Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) promotion, committed to hosting live events featuring the most talented male and female grapplers from around the globe. Founded in 2016, KASAI’s organization includes well-renowned names from the worlds of martial arts, media production and business finance who are committed to developing the sport’s public profile and amplifying the brand of BJJ’s greatest competitors. For more information, visit www.kasaigrappling.com, or KASAI’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels.
July 12, 2017 — Jiu Jitsu Style