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With 2x European Champion, Emilia Tuukkanen


1. Oh hey there's a big competition coming up soon! And, there's a perfect weight class for me! Yay!
2. Thank god it's not for a while though.. I don't have to say goodbye to all the delicious things that make me happy.
3. Mmmmm sugar, fat and carbs.. *Homer Simpson drool-face*
4. Wait. Exactly WHEN is the comp!?
5. Maybe I should check the calendar for exact dates..
6. IT'S IN FOUR WEEKS !!!!!!!
8. *crying*
9. Okay. You can do this. Four weeks is 28 days. If a zombie apocalypse can happen in that time, so can dropping a few pounds.
10. Let's go to the scales and see how bad is it.
11. That can't be true. Let's try again
12. I seriously think the scale is broken.
13. Nope. It's really just me. GOD HELP ME.
14. Pizza, why do you do this to me?? I just love you so much!
15. Someone needs to invent pizza that has 0 calories but still tastes like heaven.
16. So I guess it's only lettuce for me now. Bye bye pizza. *crying again*
17. This already sucks. How much weight would I lose if I cut off all of my hair?
18. This is the worst day of my life.
19. But really, 28 days is not that much different than 27 days..
20. If I would start tomorrow, I could go get that pizza now, and say the proper goodbye to it that it deserves.
21. I could have one last day filled with love, happiness and joy.
22. And tomorrow I will start the diet. I promise.
September 25, 2014 — Jiu Jitsu Style