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Bellator contender and jiu jitsu athlete, Dillon Danis, took to social media in showing his support for a teenage boy who has been subject to bullying at school. Not only did Danis reach out to the youngster, but he has paid for him to attend jiu jitsu classes at a nearby academy.

Though Dillon is known for his career as a jiu jitu and MMA athlete, he has spoken publicly about his experiences at high school where he was subject to bullying. He says “jiu jitsu saved his life”, and having witnessed the horrific viral video of the youngster being attacked by multiple youngsters online, Danis asked his fans to identify the kid so as to contact him. The result has seen Danis pay for the kid to attended jiu jitsu classes and help to shape his life in a positive way.

Danis wrote on social media:    






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This is one of the most meaningful things i’ve done in my life thus far and plan on doing it more and more to create something that will last for generations to come. From being on the receiving side of bullying and Jiu-Jitsu saving my life, I’m now in a position where I have a platform that can help others down the same path. This path has brought me everything in my life and giving back to others is a feeling I cannot put into words. I am so proud of this young man for taking me up on my offer and getting into the dojo. Showing up is half the battle and that applies to everything in this life. We’re all in this together, let’s go champ!

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October 16, 2019 — Jiu Jitsu Style