Deep Water

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Deep Water

Enter the domain of Jiu Jitsu. The Deep Water Gi is a spectacle to behold. The attention to detail and mix of colors creates a truly dynamic and impressive work of art. This Gi is fierce and visually stunning. The shark is king in its domain like Jiu Jitsu is king of the mat. The Deep Water Gi is designed to symbolize the superiority of Jiu Jitsu in ground combat.

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Available in Black and White

Artistic Jiu Jitsu Gi

  • Sublimated Mesh Lining making it breathable and lightweight
  • 450 GSM Pearl weave using premium cotton fabric
  • 10 ounce Cotton Ripstop pants, double reinforced stitching
  • Well built & extremely durable

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Enter the domain of Jiu Jitsu