We are a business that places an emphasis on quality and design. We will never compromise quality in order to increase volume. Our business thrives and grows through customer loyalty, satisfaction, and word of mouth. All of our products go through vigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure every product is cage ready and BJJ approved. Our business is built to last by being guided by a set of core values that serve as uncompromising guiding lights for each product, service, and fighter associated with our company.


We demand of ourselves uncompromising quality and will be people who demonstrate excellence in everything we do. We will not do anything that cannot be done with excellence.


We will lead the world in the products we offer. In the journey to arrive at what is next, we will get there first. We will not be imitators, but originators. We will exercise creative and definitive license.


We always do the right thing regardless of expediency. We will never sacrifice quality and customer satisfaction in order to make a profit.


The loyalty of our customers and the respect for our business will be the seedbed for growth worldwide. We will be known for the touch of gold that will be placed on every endeavor. It is our commitment that every customer will walk away perceiving us to be the best in our class.